Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Foundations

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Foundations preferred VantaWorks for its corporate website, UX/UI solutions, integration improvements, VantaCMS solutions.

A long-term design, R & D, analysis and after development process the website of the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Foundations was taken alive. All the design and software processes were developed by the Vantaworks team. VantaCMS integration, integration to many different systems were realized. Visual broadcasting technology supported by artificial intelligence which is used in the project, has prevented many problems experienced at this point.

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Tasalanma "Don't worry, we are with you"

Established with the slogan "Everything starts with dreaming", set out to meet the needs of people in many areas. It aims to provide the highest level of quality service with its professional business partners and huge team, suitable for the needs of its customers. VantaWorks also handled many specific needs of the project, including all software and design consultancy, start-up consultancy, project consultancy and project-specific logo design. The project was developed using cross-platform software architectures, as well as enhanced on the UI side with trend design technologies. The project, which was handled without being separated from the start-up projects of our company, started its publication life. VantaWorks continues to work with the team to achieve the goals of this project, which has been working with pleasure until today.

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Cip Air Services

The CIP Air Services preferred VantaWorks as the design and software technology partner for the renewal of the online portal project from scratch and all other digital transformation projects.

We continue to reconsider and develop projects with our unique design and software solutions for the target audience of our customer, who are serving as CIP / VIP service providers to 25 different countries. We put the flagship online sales portal project put it into service of the users.

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Spring Near East Mfg. Co. Ltd.

We have provided design solutions to our customers who have a very important position in the point where fashion and textile combine.

We continue to work on new projects together with the designs we have presented.

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Customized Content Management System

VantaCMS is a Content Management System software developed using the most up-to-date technological structures in SEO compatibility and manageability compared to other CMS systems on the market, which can be customized to any sector with 100% modular structure.

It has a structure that can work with Google Analytics and provide instant information to the user through Dashboard. It is a system that can be used without any complexity from every platform with responsive structure with easily accessible menus.

Modern Group - Logistics & Industrial Advertising

All the design and software processes were developed by the Vantaworks team and the design work and VantaCMS integration were realized. The project was taken alive.

Modern Group, the leader of its sector, preferred VantaWokrs for its corporate and site and in-house software solutions. 

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Ankara Foundation Works Museum

The projects carried out with the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Foundations have been completely renovated by the existing Ankara Foundation Works Museum corporate website VantaWorks.


All the design and software processes from the beginning to the end were developed by the Vantaworks team, and the design works, VantaCMS integration and artificial intelligence supported visual broadcasting technology prevented many problems experienced at this point. 

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Ferman Hotels

We offered design work, infrastructure development and Vanta CMS for all the hotels in the MS Group the most accurate and ergonomic solutions.

We continue to present our solutions for, Ferman Old City, Ferman Konak, Fener Hilal Taksim and other establishments in the construction phase.

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Kenz Foreign Trade

Kenz Foreign Trade chose VantaWorks for its corporate website and integration solutions.


We continue to develop and design our corporate website and all other related projects.


One of the newest and most ambitious brands of Fuel Transportation, Lojistik24 preferred VantaWorks for its corporate website and digital solutions.


We continue to serve our customers who prefer us for all digital solutions along with corporate website design and software processes.

Tekcan Law Office

Tekcan Law Office, which has been growing rapidly since its establishment, has preferred our company in terms of corporate website design, software and application and continues to work with VANTAWORKS as a business partner in digital solutions.

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